Chicken Doctoring

This boy is my animal wrangler.  He’s an extreme dog lover, but he takes an interest in the chickens as well.  OK, he takes a massive interest in all animals.

You’d be shocked to find out how little interaction I have with the chickens.  And the chickens would be shocked (do they care? not enough brain) to know that I’m the one in charge of how much and what they eat, but I digress.  It’s not about me.

It’s not about me because the chickens are afraid of me.  I’m not evil to them, I’m just somewhat of a stranger to them.  I’m not out there everyday putting food out for them or filling the drinkers, ergo – stranger.

This boy is trusted by the chickens.  He can walk right up to most of them and pick them up.  Good thing, because today he had to pick up our second-in-command rooster.

  • #1 Rooster is named Birdy Wooster.
  • #2 Rooster is named Jeeves.

Well, Jeeves found a bit of stout string and wrapped it tightly around his toes.

Let’s stop a moment and visualize Jeeves actually trying, on purpose, to tangle his toes up with string.

Jacob caught Jeeves and laid him on the patio table, held him down with his left forearm, while cutting away at the string with his box cutter.  Caleb came in to ask advice on Jake’s request, so I took Jake a pair of scissors, staying well out of Jeeves’ line of sight.

Remember, Jeeves thinks I’m an evil stranger, so I didn’t want to rile him up.

Jacob got all the string removed and asked for some hydrogen peroxide.  I had him move off the porch to pour the peroxide over the foot.  Jeeves thought he ought to squawk, flap, and run off as soon as Jake applied the peroxide, so there was an easy answer to the question “Do ya think we oughtta try to put some antibiotic ointment on that?”

Jeeves now walks with a bit of a limp.  We’ll let you know if he dies or if his leg falls off, but for now, odds are, he’ll be fine.  I’m certain he’s already forgotten about being handled today.  Small brains, chickens.

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